Our Story

Meet Corrine!

After I became a mom of two, I needed to fly with my one & two year old boys, by myself, cross country. After countless hours of research and asking everyone for advice, I was still sweating and near tears as we were boarding. As soon as we were settled though, I realized we did it, we made it and we were champs. After that first flight, I felt capable and empowered to tackle more obstacles. 

Where Busy Passenger really started to shape up was flying with my sister to Las Vegas. My sister and my 2 year old were 20 rows ahead of me and Henry, my one year old. It’s a quick flight from LA but for someone flying with a child for the first time, alone, even that is overwhelming. I had my routine down to a science by myself, but I wanted to set my sister up for success. I prepared Oliver’s first “kit”. My sister was able to fit it in her tote and pull out options as she needed them. After landing, we met my sister (and Oliver and she) said that wasn’t bad at all, she would do it again. From there an idea brewed, if I could set not only myself up for success, but for my sister who has never traveled alone with a child, I could do this for everyone.

I went from being the mom in parenting groups asking for advice about traveling with multiple kids, to the mom who was able to share her tips and tricks and help ease other parents. I started with backpacks and some restaurant busy boxes but when the pandemic started and travel came to a halt, I pivoted and focused more on busy boxes.