Our Story

Meet Corrine!

Before kids I loved to travel and knew I didn’t want that to change because I became a mom. In my oldest sons first year my husband and I took him on twenty-six flights ranging from forty-five minutes to twelve hours.I became confident and proficient traveling with one baby but I took a break after my younger son was born.

 The thought of taking a baby and a one year old on a plane by myself was overwhelming. How would I entertain them? Change diapers? Take a minute for myself? I knew I didn’t want to be grounded in one place so I researched, I asked friends, fellow parents with older kids, groups on social media, no one was exempt. And I did it, I took my one year old and two year old from LAX to PHL. I felt like a rockstar and immediately booked my next flight.

Nine months later I was taking my kids to Las Vegas and my sister was flying with us. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and have Oliver sit with her while I sat with Henry. I wasn't able to get seats near each other so I knew I needed to set my sister up for success (and calm my own nerves). Las Vegas is under an hour from Los Angeles but it was my sisters first time flying with a child. This is how my first kit was born.