The memories I have and the memories I'll make.

I have a few very clear memories from the past 20 years where I thought I would never do what someone else has done or have started feel I have maybe found my forever place. Stay with me for this trip down memory lane and a peak into my families future.

The first memory that always sticks out is from when I was growing up in South Jersey. I remember being at a family gathering and hearing about my mom's cousin who lived in Seattle. To me Seattle was so incredibly far away and I thought to myself that I would never live there, not because it is a bad place but because I couldn’t even fathom it. August 2011, after 4.5 years of a long distance dating, I moved to Seattle to be with my then boyfriend and now husband. 

November 2014 my husband and I bought our first house. After years of renting apartments, we finally had a house, yard and all the responsibilities that came along with it, but it was ours and we felt settled. I thought we would have our kids there and not leave for a long time. A year and a half later I was once again proven wrong. In January 2016 my husbands job moved us to Santa Monica, CA.

Here’s where my blog post takes a little detour, but stay with me, it’s relevant.

2020 & 2021 have brought so much uncertainty and a ton of gratitude. I was and am still am grateful to have our house, yard, health and jobs. Our kids have had their school and friend bubbles to help them get through this crazy period. I have built friendships here that go beyond being in a mommy and me group together or having our kids in the same class. People who I genuinely love to be around and can’t imagine not having in my life.

April 2021, my kids were at school, William was working and I was taking an hour or so to relax outside. I was looking around and I started to think maybe, just maybe, we had found the place that will be our home for a long time. I never imagined my kids growing up in one area their whole lives, but I started to think that maybe Santa Monica is where our kids will visit us when they come home from college or move away. (Honestly I have never been this person, so it was a very, very unusual Hallmark moment for me.)

So.. with all that being said.. 

September 2021 our family is moving to Chicago. When we finally made this decision, I thought back to April and laughed at myself. I don’t know that I will think in such certain terms again.

Where we live may not be permanent, but I’m hopeful the friendships will be. 


  • Corrine-

    Thank you for being my Vday party buddy, my confidante, my teacher lunch partner, my play on the beach pal, for sharing your wickedly funny (sometimes foul mouthed) sense of humor, your kind and encouraging heart, and for being an incredible friend. We will miss the Archbell family, but we KNOW we will see you all soon! Safe travels! We will be thinking of you in January as we sit on the beach, sweating in the sun. (Oh, I hear Kohl’s is having a good sale on winter wear! 🤣) ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • We will miss you so much Corrine. While this breaks my heart, I’m so excited for your new chapter.

    Jen W
  • Wishing you all the best for you and your family. As the world changes it’s becoming more evident that our generation is going to be living in multiple places. All my friends and family in my age range have moved around even with kids. I might be in that cohort soon, though I am holding on to L.A for dear life.


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